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Scope of the Conference

1. Basic Education and Teacher Training 2. Basic Education and Program Development 3. Basic Education and Alternative Approaches 4. Basic Education, Family and Society 5. Basic Education and Technology 6. Basic Education and Values 7. Basic Education and  Mass Media 8. Basic Education and Immigration, Early Intervention 9. Basic Education and Child Neglect and Abuse 10. Basic Education and Mathematics 11. Science Teaching in Basic Education 12. Social Studies Teaching in Basic Education 13. Turkish Education in Basic Education 14. Inclusive Education in Basic Education 15. Art in Basic Education 16. Music in Basic Education 17. Health and Sports in Basic Education 18. Postgraduate Education in Basic Education


  Honorary President Prof. Dr. Yusuf ULCAY Rector of Uludağ University Conference Chairman Prof. Dr. Muammer DEMİREL Uludağ University Education Faculty Dean Chairman of Organization Committee Prof. Dr. Handan Asûde BAŞAL Uludağ University Education Faculty Temel Eğitim Bölüm Başkanı Secretariat Assistant Prof. Gönül ONUR SEZER Tel: 02242942288 Assistant Prof. Meral TANER DERMAN Tel: 02242942184 Assistant Prof. Pınar BAĞÇELİ KAHRAMAN Tel: 02242942219 Organization Committee Prof. Dr. Handan Asûde BAŞAL Prof. Dr. Asude BİLGİN Prof. Dr. Aynur OKSAL Assoc. Prof. Hülya KARTAL Assoc. Prof. Mızrap BULUNUZ Assoc. Prof. Nalan KURU TURAŞLI Assoc. Prof. Dilek SEZGİN MEMNUN Assistant Prof. Yeliz YAZGAN Assistant Prof. Meral TANER DERMAN Assistant Prof. Ömür SADİOĞLU Assistant Prof. Pınar BAĞÇELİ KAHRAMAN Assistant Prof. Gönül ONUR SEZER Assistant Prof. Mustafa AKILLI Assistant Prof. Elvan ŞAHİN ZETEROĞLU Instructor Dr. Şehnaz SUNGURTEKİN Instructor Turgay SABUNCUOĞLU Instructor Erdem GEDİKLİ Instructor Uğur AVCI Lecturer Murat ÇIRPAN Lecturer Tülin ÇİÇEK Res. Assoc. Demet KOÇ Res. Assoc. Burcu SARI Res. Assoc. Mehmet SOYUÇOK Res. Assoc. Ömer Faruk TAVŞANLI Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Handan Asûde BAŞAL Bursa Uludağ University Prof. Dr. Adriana BUS- Amsterdam Vrije University- HOLLANDA Prof.Dr. Edward C. ROBECK – Director of Education and Outreach American Geosciences Institute - USA Prof. Dr. İrina KOLEVA- St. Kliment Ohridski University-BULGARİSTAN Prof. Dr. Lushiyan MİLKOV –National and World Economy University-BULGARİSTAN Prof. Dr. Kamisah OSMAN The National University of Malaysia- MALEZYA Prof. Dr. Adil TÜRKOĞLU Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University - Retired Faculty Member Prof. Dr

Important Dates

Announcement: October 30, 2017 Conference Beginning Date:  March 29, 2018 Conference Ending Date: March 31, 2018 Abstract Submission Starting Date: October 30, 2017 Abstract Submission Ending Date: January, 25 2018 Announcement Date of Approved Papers: February 9, 2018 Payment Due Date: February 25, 2018 (Early Registration) Announcement of Conference Schedule: March 19, Mart 2018 (Draft Plan) 23 Mart 2018 ( Final Program) Last Date for Sending the Full Paper: September 15, 2018 Selected articles will be printed as a special issue in Uludag University Education Faculty Journal, "Early Childhood Studies Journal" and “Strategies for Policy in Science and Education" after evaluation. Also all articles submitted in the conference will be published as an e-book titled Abstract Book. *3 articles will be chosen by the jury as "The Best Article" and will be awarded.


  *A conference bag, conference kit, lunch, catering services, opening night Gala Dinner and closing night İskender Kebab Meal at İskender Efendi Konağı in Botanik Park are included in participation fee. In case of daily attendance, only lunch and coffee breaks will be provided. ** For co-authored works, each participant attending the congress must pay a participation fee. *** Every person can only submit two papers. **** Participation certificate will only be given to people who pay the fee, register and make presentation.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts will be send online via conference website. Conference will be held in Turkish and English. Participants must send their abstract in the language they want to present (Turkish or English). Presentations  should contribute to scientific development in the context of the themes set out in the basic education field and should be of a quality that sheds light on the main problems in the area. Points to Consider

  1. Abstracts will be collected online via Abstract Submission System.
  2. The theme of the abstract must be stated.
  3. Only the first letters of the words of abstract title must be capital. e.g. Current Approaches In Basic Education.
  4. Authors must write their names in lowercase letters and only the first letters should be capital. e.g. Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Çalışkan
  5. The authors should state the institutions they work with as centered below their names as follows. e.g. Uludağ University, Faculty of Education, Basic Education Department, Bursa
  6. For co-authored works, the author to be in touch is considered the responsible author.
  7. The entire abstract should be of minimum of 250 words, not exceeding a maximum of 500 words. Keywords should be of 3-5 words.
  8. References should not be included in the abstract. For this reason, no citation should be given.
  9. The abstract should not include figures, tables, formulas or pictures.
  10. To be accepted, the abstracts must be never-published elsewhere or presented in another congress, symposium or scientific organization.
  11. Abstracts submitted for the congress shall be accepted in accordance with at least two judges.
  12. 20 minutes will be granted to each presentation.